Harrison Musselwhite South Carolina Governor and Zoe Warren

Trucker Bob For SC Governor Platform

  • Defeat Federal and Medical Tyranny
  • End Corruption in South Carolina government
  • Forensic audit of South Carolina elections
  • Cut taxes and regulations
  • Parental rights: Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education and future
  • Real Constitutional Carry

Are you ready for a South Carolina Governor with some


I’m Harrison Musselwhite, but my friends call me Trucker Bob

Governor Henry McMaster said that he would go to “the gates of hell” to fight for We The People of South Carolina, and I applauded him for it.

But when big business started mandating vaccines, denying We The People’s God-given Constitutional rights to the freedom of religion, and the freedom to choose what medical treatments we take, Governor McMaster, like most politicians, broke his promise to protect We The People of South Carolina, as hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians face losing their jobs right before Christmas.

We The People said no more and held our own “gates of hell” rally outside the capitol in Columbia, demanding that Governor McMaster do his job for We The People of the great state of South Carolina.

When he didn’t stand up for We The People, I said no more, and announced my candidacy for the Governor of South Carolina, along with ZOE Warren, my good friend and running mate for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.

I’m ZOE Warren, Filmmaker, Political Pundit, and Patriot

The elite care nothing about what small business owners and workers are facing and have been facing since 2020. When they shuttered small businesses, but enriched the major chain stores. Schools closed, but liquor stores open. Hospital surgeries cancelled, but the abortion clinics were running on all cylinders. Restaurant owners, family businesses, blue collar employees, even folks who fish our rivers were cut off while the elite lay on their beds, their bank accounts increasing, and the politicians who serve them meeting at the country club to plan more ways to increase their power and pocketbooks. For the past 20 months, we endured “close your business doors” orders, vaccine mandates, and we watched our friends and families die alone without access to the kind of care available, because it was denied them.

“We, the People,” and our rights have been sold for federal dollars with a promise of jobs, only for those jobs to be destroyed by the very guards that we elected to protect our property and liberty. We endured the overreach and encroachment on our lives and livelihoods long enough. “WE, THE PEOPLE” DO NOT CONSENT to be governed by irresponsible government agents who allow federal tyranny and will sell us out for federal dollars.

We serve our communities. We obey the law. We work 70+ hours a week and give our taxes to a government who will treat us like cattle. It is our time now. “We, the People” are rising up to take back our inheritance- to take back our duties- to preserve our own rights.

Appealing to the elite has born no fruit. It is time for “WE, THE PEOPLE” to put our hands to the plow and take back our government. WE ARE THE NEW GUARDS who will not dismiss and disregard the afflictions of our people.

“They lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stall;

…but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph.”

– Amos 5:4 & 6

We’re not politicians.

We’re Patriots.

Think McMaster is going to protect your
2nd Amendment Rights?

Listen to how Trucker Bob will

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The Mussel That South Carolina Needs

The Platform

South Carolina FIRST!

End Federal and Medical Tyranny 

The Federal Government is attempting to infringe upon the rights and liberties of all South Carolinians. We will stand up to the federal government and big business, blocking any and all initiatives that go against the South Carolina Constitution, to which the governor swears an oath to God to uphold and protect.

Drain The Swamp in Columbia 

South Carolina has a history of leading in America, so why aren’t we leading in defending and preserving both American and South Carolinian liberty now? Why are Florida, Texas, Montana, and even Oklahoma leading the way in defending the constitution, protecting state’s rights, and protecting the rights of every one of their citizen’s?

The answer is corruption, in all three branches of our government while Henry McMaster stands down against federal tyranny.

We The People will NOT stand down.

Clean up corruption in ALL SC Government agencies

Turn the Corridor of Shame into The Corridor of Opportunity

No More Excuses, Let’s Get ‘Er Done

For years “Good Ol Boys” in both parties have played political games with the people of the Corridor of Shame and their Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. We the People of SC have had enough and we demand these political games come to an end NOW!

Trucker Bob Musselwhite and Zoe Warren will transform the Corridor of Shame into the Corridor of Opportunity by allowing real school choice with no government strings attached, creating industrial opportunity zones, and partnering with small businesses to create more employment opportunities.

Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses

Why are big businesses getting all the breaks?  Why are we selling prime land to multi-billion dollar companies for pennies on the dollar for what the fair market value is?  Why are big box corporations considered essential while your small business isn’t?

The answer is corruption, and we’ll be putting an end to all of these tax breaks, cheap land, and dirty tricks that are depriving We The People from a fair market in business and their fair share of the resources of the Great State of South Carolina.

Stop Pandering to Big Business and Put Small Businesses FIRST!

Parental Rights, putting children and teachers FIRST

Your Kids, Your Choice

Our education system is failing our most precious resource: our children.

As a proud parent of 7 and grandparent of 5, I know first hand how hard raising children is, so my heart goes out to parents who are struggling with the school system, who feel that they can’t get the support or materials they need, and want another option. We’re going to rebuild the South Carolina School Choice program, now run by the government and ranked 49th in the nation, to provide tax credits for parents who want to send their kids to private schools, with no government strings attached.


Florida did it, why can’t we?

Many are not aware of this, but we have some of the highest income taxes of any Republican controlled state in the country. We can fund everything we need WITHOUT a state income tax, so why do we still have one?  Let’s put the government on a diet, reduce bureaucracy, and reduce the burdens on South Carolinians by eliminating the state income tax.

We want to put money back in the hands of those who know how best to spend it, YOU!


Abolish the State Income Tax Within 3 Years

Make South Carolina Roads Great Again

Seriously, why are the roads so bad?

It’s pretty obvious to everyone that we have the worst roads in the South East here in South Carolina.  You wouldn’t believe the stories I’ve heard about why we can’t get the roads fixed; they’re ridiculous.

No more excuses, get it done!

Are You Ready For A South Carolina Governor With Some Mussel?

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We do not support or condone political violence, and we denounce all forms of racial supremacy.

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