Hi, I’m Harrison Musselwhite, but my friends call me Trucker Bob

The Mussel That South Carolina Needs

I was born November 5th, 1965 in Petersburg Virginia south of Richmond, and have called South Carolina my home since I moved to Simpsonville in 1997. I’ve been a Republican since I can remember, and I love South Carolina and what our constitution stands for. One of my most cherished memories is when I accompanied my mother, Brenda Musselwhite, to President Reagan’s Inaugural Ball in 1981.

I married my lovely wife Sharon in 1983 and managed the family furniture business in Virginia for over a decade, as we were blessed with a beautiful family of 7 children. During this time, I was also blessed to work along side Sam Walton of Walmart.

In 1997, I fell in love with South Carolina and moved to Simpsonville, where I started my own furniture business, Mattress World,  that spanned multiple states across the South East. My wife Sharon came down with a fatal lung disease, Sarcoidosis, and I had to make a choice between taking care of my wife and family, or my business, so I closed my business and took care of my family.

I learned the power of God first-hand when my wife’s fatal illness, Sarcoidosis, was miraculously healed.

It’s because of my wife and her illness that I know the power of God first hand. The doctors said that she would never survive her illness, but I took care of her and we prayed. One day after many years of living with this terrible illness, she said that she felt like the nodules on her lungs were gone, and much to my joyous surprise, the doctors confirmed this. For us it was a miracle, and I’ve felt the calling to serve my fellow man ever since.

After the Good Lord healed my wife, I went back to school at Destiny Bible College in Greenville South Carolina, where I specialized in bringing Christian values and ethics to business, and I decided to change careers and become a truck driver, delivering bulk chemicals nationwide, which is how I came by the name of Trucker Bob.

After watching the outcome of the last presidential election and the overreach of the federal government since then, I felt the calling to become more active in our community politics. I’m currently serving as the Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Greenville County Republican party, where I work closely with our South Carolina state Legislators to create Fair and Just legislation that protects the rights of ALL South Carolina citizens.

After watching the outcome of the last Presidential election, I felt the calling to get involved in politics to defend the liberty of ALL South Carolinians.

After a number of my good friends passed away this year because they were unable to get the medical treatments they needed, I worked directly with our legislators to establish Monoclonal Antibody sites here in South Carolina, to save lives. I’m very proud to say that at least 6 peoples’ lives in our own Greenville County Republican party were saved by these treatments, and many thousands more across South Carolina.

I wasn’t seeking to run for a higher office, provided that our representatives were respecting the rights of We The People and adhering to our Constitution, but when Governor McMaster broke his promise to We The People once again after saying that he would go to the “gates of hell” to defend our rights against the overreach from the federal government, I was called to say No More and announce my candidacy, along with my Lieutenant Governor ZOE Warren, for South Carolina Governor because We The People deserve better.

I wasn’t seeking to run for the Governor, but when Governor McMaster broke his promise to We The People yet again, I said NO MORE.

With your support, we will be the Mussel that South Carolina needs to defend the rights of ALL South Carolinians, to uphold the Constitution of South Carolina, and to defend our way of life.

  • November 5th, 1965

    Born in Petersburg Virginia, south of Richmond.

  • January 1981

    Escorted my mother, Brenda Musselwhite, to President Reagan’s Inagural Ball at The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

  • May 1983

    Graduated Cardinal Gibbons High School in Petersburg, Viriginia and married my high school sweetheart, Sharon.

  • 1984 - 1995

    Managed our family’s furniture business while Sharon and I were blessed with seven amazing children.

  • April 1997

    Fell in love with South Carolina, moved our family to Simpsonville, and founded Mattress World with stores across the South East.

  • 2001

    Sharon is diagnosed with fatal lung disease Sarcoidosis. The doctors tell us she only has a couple years to live.

  • 2007

    Changed careers to have more time to take care of Sharon and our family, graduated Destiny Bible College, and got my CDL licenses.

  • 2011 - 2014

    Worked as the Corporate Manager and Supervisor  for Badcock Furniture/ Kimbrells Furniture.

  • 2012

    Sharon is miraculously cured of her illness. The doctors are stunned.

  • 2015 - Current

    Working as a Driver/Trainer/Recruiter at Dana Transport.

  • May 2021

    Appointed Chairman of the Legislative committee of the Greenville County GOP.

  • August 2021

    After losing a number of friends to Covid, including my dear friend Pressley Stutts, I worked with Legislators to establish Monoclonal Antibody sites in South Carolina to save lives.

  • November 2021

    Governor McMaster breaks his promise to go to the “gates of hell” to block vaccine mandates in South Carolina, and I annouce my candidacy for Governor.

About Harrison Musselwhite

And unlike a Politician, a Trucker keeps his promises.

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