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Why I’m running for Governor of South Carolina

Henry McMaster promised to go to “The Gates of Hell” to protect the rights of South Carolinians in determining what medical treatments we wish to pursue, then stood by while thousands lost their jobs because they did not want to take part in a medical experiment.

As your Governor, I will fight for the rights of ALL South Carolinians to choose your medical treatments, and to protect your right to medical privacy.


South Carolina has the highest taxes of any state in the South East.  It’s long past time for South Carolina to join the growing list of states that does not have an income Tax.


I’ll be putting Small Businesses FIRST in South Carolina, not pandering to Big Business with unfair tax cuts and incentives.

I’ll protect your 2nd Amendment rights in South Carolina, because our 2nd Amendment rights protect all our other rights.

I believe in the fundamental Sanctity of Life and will protect it in South Carolina, both in the womb, and outside of the womb.

As your Governor, I will bring back real, independent School Choice while protecting the rights of parents in the care of their children.

It’s time to end the “good ol’ boys club” (or “bad ol’ boys club” as I like to call them) down in Columbia with term limits, Judges that are appointed by the Governor instead of the Legislature, and the ability to recall elected officials who are not serving We The People of South Carolina.


The South Carolina “Corridor of Shame” has been neglected long enough.  As your Governor, I will work to revitalize it, turning it into the Corridor of Opportunity.


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